​2009, Fiction
Leisa Jennings, Student Teacher Coordinator for Northern Arizona University, is tormented by the three taboos she is breaking – Yaro Bomou, Fulbright Scholarship graduate student, is a married man, a younger man and a black man from Africa. Ultimately, two of the taboos are thwarted when Leisa rids herself of society’s influence on how she thinks, and the third ends when Yaro’s wife takes a risk.

Yaro is confident that Leisa is his destiny. It is his strong conviction that when the time is right, Allah will make it possible. Consequently, after a five year separation, life unfolds in such a way as to make it possible to finally put their lives together. Race and age have nothing to do with the human heart. Thus Yaro’s long-held belief in their shared destiny is consummated.

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1999, Narrative Nonfiction
Coping with the trauma of her recently cancelled wedding, 52 year old Bonn Ritland thought she was just going for a drive to clear her mind. However, at her first sighting of the Sedona Red Rocks, she knew the drive down the Arizona highway was instead a continuation of her spiritual journey. Higher Ground, One Woman’s Journey, chronicles four years of Bonn Ritland’s life as she finds her way to more conscious living. No one is more qualified to write the story, for I am Bonn Ritland, the constant seeker.

Regardless of age, or life situation, you may smile when you perceive what is relevant to your own quest, as you explore life on your own terms. You see, it could easily be you, because the search is on for ‘higher ground’. It has been suggested that God made human beings because He loves stories. This book is mine.

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2012, sequel to Higher Ground, One Woman’s Journey
Years reveal what the days never show. Consequently, it is only when one looks back at their life can they connect the dots.

Thus, from this story: Brian wasn’t any different now than he was before they married. No, it is the same ole story that always features Bonn the compulsive bride. The scenario is this: She marries a man who loves her. Her reasons vary. She finds him (within a very brief period of time) lovable, nice looking and of good character. Or her financial future would be well served if she had a husband. Or, it is time for a change of place and path. Then, as the years go by, she finds that life with him bores her to death, and he fails to meet her needs. You know, the ones she dismissed as unimportant, when she married. Additionally, she is not forthright because she does not reveal how she is feeling. Instead, she finds fault with them and then she leaves.

The man, the place and the role has yet to stand the test of time, and age has not checked her compulsion for change. With each new circle, what she thought was meant for her, disintegrates. That takes her out of the driver’s seat and leaves her with the question – who is and why?

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